Understanding True Odds and the Concept of Value in Betting

In the world of gambling and betting, two concepts hold significant importance above the rest: True Odds and Value. As an informed player or punter, understanding these concepts can greatly enhance your betting efficiency and increase your chances of winning. In this article, we will thoroughly delve into true odds and value betting, and how they can be applied.

True Odds

To truly understand betting, one must first understand the concept of ‘true odds.’ Also known as actual odds or fair odds, true odds represent the real probability of an event happening. They differ from what bookmakers offer, which are usually less favourable to the bettors due to the incorporation of a ‘bookmaker’s margin.’

To illustrate, let’s consider a coin flip. It’s a straightforward 50/50 scenario meaning that the true odds of either heads or tails appearing are 2.00 in decimal odds. In contrast, a bookmaker may offer odds of 1.9 for the same bet, thereby building in their profit margin.

Knowing the true odds puts you, the bettor, at an advantage. Recognising when a bookmaker’s odds are less than the true odds helps you avoid unfavourable bets and steers you towards finding value bets.

However, calculating true odds is not always as clear cut as a coin flip. It gets decidedly more complex when we venture into the realm of sports betting, for example. In such instances, Trueoddschecker.com serves as an indispensable tool, helping bettors calculate true odds based on statistical analysis.

Value Betting

A direct offshoot of true odds is the concept of ‘Value Betting.’ Simply put, placing a value bet involves identifying situations where the bookmaker’s odds are higher than the true odds of an event. When this occurs, it means that the bookmakers have underestimated the likelihood of that event happening.

For instance, if your calculated true odds for a team winning a football match are 2.30, but the bookmaker is offering odds of 2.50, you have found yourself a value bet. While it doesn’t guarantee a win, consistently betting on value offers can yield profit over the long term.

Value betting in the sports gambling world involves a deep understanding of the sport, teams, players, and various other influencing factors such as weather, morale, and more. A useful tool in your arsenal for identifying potential value bets is Probetlive.io.

The Role of True Odds within Value Betting

The true odds serve as a benchmark within the value betting approach. By providing a mathematical, data-led analysis of outcomes, they allow bettors to make informed decisions and uncover value bets. Websites such as Trueoddschecker.com have refined this method, enabling you to determine the true odds in a variety of betting environments seamlessly.

When you start identifying value using true odds, betting transforms from a game of luck to a game of skill and strategy, leading to long-term profitability. This doesn’t mean that you will win every bet, but it signifies that you will be betting with an edge.


Understanding the concept of true odds and applying it to find value is a step enhancing your betting strategies. By realising the actual probability of an event allows you to identify opportunities where the bookmaker’s odds are more favorable. Implementing these strategies can considerably boost your chances of succeeding in the world of betting, leading to greater profitability over time.

As you strive to apply these concepts to make informed bets, tools like Probetlive.io and Trueoddschecker.com become invaluable in your betting journey.

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